Working with the Advocacy Community

We work with the advocacy community to ensure the medicines we develop reflect what truly matters to patients, families and care partners.

By engaging, listening and collaborating, we are dedicated to working together to understand and improve every individual’s healthcare experience. 

To ensure we continually do what is right for patients, this is our promise to advocacy organizations:  

  •  We collaborate based on shared objectives  
  •  We respect your values and independence  
  •  We prioritize long-term commitment over short-term needs 
  •  We value the privacy of patient data  
  •  We are transparent and adhere to high ethical standards  
  •  We advocate for patients by working together with you to understand patient needs, healthcare experiences and challenges 

What advocacy organizations have to say 

A Fresh Chapter is proud to partner with Astellas to deliver programming that addresses the emotional challenges of cancer for patients, caregivers, and advocates. Through our Resiliency programming, we empower cancer advocates and leaders with tools, resources, and a supportive network so they can continue to bring the very best of themselves to patients and their families.”       

                                                                          - Terri Wingham, Chief Executive Officer, A Fresh Chapter


“We are so pleased with the partnership we have developed with Astellas that has enabled us to help countless bladder cancer patients and those who love them.   The more than 600,000 people in the United States living with bladder cancer need free educational and support services and we are grateful to Astellas for their generous support.”

-Andrea Maddox-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Bladder Cancer Action Network


“BrightFocus Foundation has been pleased to partner with Astellas on focus groups to gain important first-hand perspectives from older adults who have AMD. As a result of the work we did together, BrightFocus created a new program, AMD Community Circle. The program is designed to provide a forum for those coping with AMD-related vision loss to share tips and build personal connections with others facing similar challenges. We look forward to growing our partnership with Astellas.”

- Diana Campbell, Director, Strategic Partnerships, BrightFocus Foundation


We have a long-standing relationship with Astellas and feel privileged to have worked with them on many of our patient education initiatives. We share the same values in wanting to help patients through their difficult cancer journey and to deliver the best outcomes.

- Andrea P. Eidelman, Esq., Chief Executive Officer, Debbie's  Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer


As one of the Gastric Cancer Foundation’s National Sustaining Sponsors, Astellas is an important partner in our work to raise public awareness of stomach cancer, support patients with reliable information and resources, and stimulate expanded research in pursuit of better treatments and a cure.

- Stacie Hershman, Executive Director, Gastric Cancer Foundation 


We greatly value our partnership with Astellas and all they do on behalf of helping patients and for supporting our mission. They truly put patients first and are committed to advance science.

- Cindy Kane, Senior Director of Development, Leukemia Research Foundation 


Patient Empowerment Network is proud to recognize Astellas as an Empowerment Hero for their continued support of our programs which empower cancer patients to become educated, then activated to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. Astellas has been and continues to be an active and thoughtful partner to us and the entire advocacy community.

- Andrea Conners, Executive Director, Patient Empowerment Network


For our organization, meaningful partnerships are centered around respect, innovation and common goals. Our engagement with Astellas has exceeded our expectations for meaningful partnerships and we are honored to help improve the lives of men with prostate cancer and their families with the support of Astellas. Innovative advocacy is critical to helping improve the lives of patients.  Support from Astellas for unique programming has had a tremendous impact on our ability to achieve our goals and improve the lives of patients with prostate cancer.

-Wendy Poage, MHA, President, Prostate Conditions Education Council


“The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) greatly values our partnership with Astellas. We are honored to work together in support of our patient families providing quality education and resources, access to information about available clinical trials and ultimately effective treatments to improve patients’ quality of life.”

- Beth Whitehouse, Director of Development, The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation


We’re privileged to work with the following organizations in the advocacy community. Follow the links to each organization to find valuable resources to support you through the healthcare experience.  

a fresh chapter
Debbie's Dream
Jett Foundationlukemia research foundation
National Health CouncilPatient Empowerment Network
Prostrate Health

We are listening!  

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