Astellas believes that by working together and developing meaningful relationships with patient advocacy organizations, we can achieve our shared vision of improving the overall healthcare experience for patients and caregivers.

In collaboration with advocacy organizations across a variety of disease states, we work to uncover and understand the unique perspective of patients and their caregivers, and to connect them to a variety of emotional and practical support resources. This work starts early in the research phase by exploring ways to include this insight in the early design and execution of clinical trials.

Our relationships with advocacy organizations are built on an independent, mutually respectful, and authentic foundation. Astellas is committed to working with patient organizations in compliance with relevant laws, local regulations, and rules and guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry.

Improving Patient Care

Learn more about the ways that Astellas is working to address patient care enhancements and partnering with advocacy organizations.

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The Power of Collaboration for Improving Patient Care

Why Collaboration is Key to Making Medical Progress, was an online resource that was created to stimulate dialogue and create opportunities to share information, inspiration and ideas across the advocacy and patient experience professional community. This forum fostered patient-focused collaboration, shared best practices and provided resources aimed at improving patient care. Select stories can now be found on this page.