• Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions are 45 days.
  • Purchase Order will not supersede any provisions of any other previously written agreement(s) that are currently in effect between the parties that govern the provision of the goods or services that are the subject of this Purchase Order.
  • Payment Terms are based on invoice date and will begin upon the receipt of supplier’s invoice Upon receipt of the invoice into our system, the payment terms will refer to invoice date as baseline date for the payment terms set on the vendor master.
  • Payments to a supplier must be made to the supplier either:
    1. in the country where the third party's principal business is incorporated; or
    2. in the country where the goods are supplied or services are rendered, but only if the third party has an office in and normally conducts business in that country.
  • Payments are furthermore issued in local currency unless otherwise dictated by an existing agreement.

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