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Astellas is excited to announce formal training for its Marketing & Sales vendors in an effort to gain greater alignment with business needs & expectations. The focus is on the areas below:

  • Astellas Background
  • Northbrook Campus Guidelines
  • Small Business/Supplier Diversity Interest
  • Procure to Pay Process
  • Submission Requirements
  • Invoicing Process
  • Astellas Supplier Portal
  • Expense Reporting
  • Key Contacts

The modular-based training is roughly 30 minutes in length and will is accessible via the Supplier Hub for invited supply chain partners.

Please note: Annual re-certification by vendors is required, so any changes to the lead contact should be communicated since they will be ultimately responsible for their organization’s overall compliance.

We encourage you to share any feedback with regards to suggested revisions to the existing content, or any potential new areas of focus that we might consider for the future.

If you are a new or existing Astellas partner, have not been contacted yet regarding this program, or have further questions please alert your respective Astellas counterpart or Vendor Operations directly at Vendor Operations or 224-205-6246.