The future of transplant medicine is fueled by efforts of outstanding researchers and their teams. Innovative preclinical and clinical research projects will continuously improve our knowledge of transplantation and address emerging challenges.

To advance transplant research in Switzerland, the Swiss Transplantation Society (STS) confers 2 awards, one STS Excellence Award, endowed with CHF 20’000.- and one STS Innovation Award with CHF 10’000.-. Both awards are financially supported by Astellas Pharma AG and to be distributed at the STS Annual Meeting in Thun.

An independent jury of experts will elect 2 award winners among eligible candidates who may be surgeons, physicians or other persons active in translational transplantation research as well as clinical practice within Switzerland. The STS Excellence Award shall be conferred to a person in the middle of his/her career, below 55 years of age, whereas the STS Innovation Award shall be conferred to a younger candidate, ≤ 40 years of age, with outstanding future potential. Based on age limits, candidates will automatically qualify for the STS Excellence Award only or for both, the STS Innovation and the STS Excellence Award. The same rules otherwise apply for all candidates except that criteria 10.b), 10.c) and 10.d) of these rules will be double-weighted for the evaluation of the STS Innovation Award. The winners will be awarded as the representatives of a research group or project for outstanding scientific and/or clinical achievements.

If you consider submitting a nomination in the future, please consult the STS webpages for the STS Excellence Award and the STS Innovation Award as well as the award rules published there.

Call for Nominations Closed

Please note that the call for nominations has been closed on September 30, 2019.

We thank all of you who have submitted a nomination or contributed to such a submission.

Award Winners

We cordially congratulate the winner of the first-ever STS Innovation Award 2019: MD PhD Alban Longchamp from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV). He is a vascular surgery fellow and explores the vasculoprotective effects of the gas transmitter hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This gas has renal protective potentia when a kidney graft removed from its donor is supplied with blood again.

Our sincere congratulations also to the winner of the STS Excellence Award 2019: Prof. MD PhD Déla Golshayan from CHUV. She is a kidney transplant physician, a committed teacher, and runs a translational research group. Her research aims at advancing the understanding of immune regulation and graft rejection mechanisms as well as exploring new therapeutic pathways in kidney transplantation.

Both winners have been officially announced and awarded during the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Transplantation Society in Thun on January 24, 2020.

STS Excellence and Innovation Awards

Dr. med. Isabelle Binet, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen (KSSG), STS President-elect (left);
MD PhD Alban Longchamp, CHUV, STS Innovation Award winner (2nd from left);
PhD Silvia Gluderer, Astellas (2nd from right);
Prof. MD PhD Déla Golshayan, CHUV, STS Excellence Award winner (right).

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MD PhD Alban Longchamp, CHUV
Prof. MD PhD Déla Golshayan, CHUV




Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schaub, USB




Prof. MD PhD Christian Toso, HUG

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PD Dr. Oriol Manuel, CHUV

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