Who are we?

We are a global team dedicated to working alongside communities of patients, caregivers, and patient organisations to understand their needs and improve their overall healthcare experience. We’re passionate about making a real difference in people’s lives, every day. Patients are our purpose. PATIENTS ARE WHYTM.

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What do we do?

We listen, learn, and collaborate with patient and caregiver communities to understand what truly matters to them and change the way we develop medicines.

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Why is it important?

Why is it important

Whether you’re a family member worried about a loved one, or a patient anxious about what the future holds, everyone has a story to tell.

Across the world, we’re reshaping our business to hear your stories and connect those insights with our global teams to help make sure we develop medicines that are meaningful and achieve better health outcomes for patients and their community.




We want to hear from you!

We want to hear from you

Whether you have questions, comments or a story to share, email us any time at [email protected].

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