2022 Members of the Public, Patients and Journalists Report

Public Including Patients and Journalists Disclosure: ABPI Methodological Note

Category Number of Member of the Public, Patients and Journalists Contracted Description of Contracted Services Provided – Fees Description of Out-of-Pocket Expenses Fees for Services Expenses
Members of the Public 6
  • Support a Social Media Disease Awareness campaign
  • Consulting service to support the understanding of the impact on reimbursement mechanisms 
  • Provide scientific information at a company sponsored event 
N/A 5285 GBP N/A
Patients 10
  • Provide service at company meeting to discuss patient perspective around therapy area
  • Provide service to review a Patient and Carer website and provide feedback
  • Participation in a Patient podcast
  • Patient Travel
2285 GBP 126.70 GBP
Journalists 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A



MAT-GB-NON-2023-00007 June 2023