Core Strategy of Research and Development

Astellas Pharma Canada sets targets of research and development (R&D) from multiple perspectives through the Focus Area approach and works to create innovative medicines to fulfill high unmet medical needs based on the concepts of Best Science, Best Talent (optimal personnel), and Best Place (optimum environment).

We determine the priorities of development candidates at the early stages and optimize resource allocation according to priorities. These efforts have achieved results in reduction of the time for R&D and improvement of cost efficiency.

In late-stage development, we allocate management resources extensively to six key post-POC* projects. We aim to characterize the therapeutic potential of these projects in development.

For an overview of Astellas’ global R&D pipeline, please visit Astellas' website.

Research & Development Infrastructure

Astellas has research laboratories in the United States and Japan. These facilities explore chemical compounds, natural substances and proteins to find new drug treatments. Astellas uses technologies such as genomics, bioinformatics, radiation analysis, computer analysis and image analysis to develop pharmaceuticals that are effective for patients and competitive on the global market. All products are fully tested for safety, tolerability and efficacy through clinical studies carried out in Japan, North America and Europe.

Ethical Consideration of Human and Animal Rights in R & D

Astellas employs the highest legal and ethical standards when conducting exploratory research involving humans or animals.

R & D in Canada

Our Canadian research team actively participates in global multicentre clinical studies conducted at university medical centres, hospitals and clinics across the country. Astellas Pharma Canada also supports extensive Phase 4 clinical trial research programs with Canadian investigators from all parts of the country in order to address novel and important questions related to Astellas Pharma Canada therapeutic areas.