At Astellas Pharma Canada we are focused on “Changing tomorrow.”

With this goal in mind, we strive to ensure our core values, or “beliefs,” are reflected in the way we approach our business and interact with stakeholders. Our “beliefs” provide the code of conduct and core values that we honour at all times. Astellas Pharma Canada will always be made up of a group of people who act upon these beliefs.

High Sense of Ethics

We will always manage our business with the highest sense of ethics.

Customer Focus

We will always seek to understand customer needs and our focus will always be on achieving customer satisfaction.


We will not be complacent and will always seek to innovate to create new value.

Competitive Focus

Our eyes will always be directed to the outside world, and we will continue to create better value faster.

Mission Statement

Astellas Pharma Canada is dedicated to improving the health and lives of Canadians by providing innovative and quality healthcare products and excellent customer service.

Raison d'être

Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.

Operating with Integrity

Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc. is a proud member of Innovative Medicines Canada. We are committed to improving patient lives by operating with integrity and engaging in transparent funding activities with stakeholders.