Astellas Pharma Ltd. supports initiatives which enhance patient care and support or benefit the NHS whilst maintaining patient care. Support can be provided either in the form of funding, or other support such as providing technical expertise, loaning of equipment or facilitating meetings. All such initiatives which have been funded or supported by Astellas Pharma Ltd. will be publicly disclosed.

The information on this page will help you understand what support will be considered and the timelines for responding to requests. If applications are successful, further information and requirements will be detailed in the contract.

To apply for support please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Who can apply?

Astellas Pharma Ltd. will accept requests from UK registered not-for-profit Charitable Organisations, Patient Organisations or Healthcare Organisations.
Note: A Patient Organisation is an Organisation primarily made up of patients and/or caregivers (possibly including Healthcare Professionals) focused on advancing awareness of a disease state and treatment pathways.

What can I apply for?

All requests must be for a prospective activity/purpose and for a single financial year (April-March), with no commitment for continued funding beyond that year.

Healthcare Organisations and Patient Organisations can apply for financial support in the form of a grant for specific projects or activities, as well as in-kind donations in-line with the ABPI Code of Practice.

How do I submit a request?

Complete and submit the electronic form below. Please ensure you include all relevant information and required documents at the time of the application. Failure to do so may delay our consideration of your application and/or result in rejection.

What are Grants and Partnerships, and what restrictions apply?

Astellas Pharma Ltd. Grants and Partnerships are the provision of funds to Healthcare Organisations which either:

  • Enhance patient care,
  • Or benefit Healthcare Organisations or Patient Organisation whilst maintaining patient care (e.g. through specific educational activities).

All requests are also subject the following requirements:

✔   All requests must meet the requirements of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice
✔   The request relates to an Astellas therapy area
✔   The request has been submitted from a bona fide Healthcare Organisation primarily made up of Healthcare Professionals providing Healthcare services or Patient Organisation
✔   Details of all approved activities will be publicly disclosed on the ABPI Portal

Examples of activities that will not be considered for funding:

✖   Applications from political parties, lobbying organisations or religious organisations
✖   A grant to an individual where the proposed use appears to benefit individuals rather than patients
✖   Award ceremonies, summer balls, competition prizes or social events
✖   Locum costs or projects constituting normal employment duties
✖   Payment for standard medical equipment for general practice e.g. sphygmomanometer, stethoscopes, etc.
✖   Payments to install standard practice computer software
✖   Any activities which would contravene the ABPI Code, laws or regulations

The following activities fall outside of the scope of Astellas Pharma Ltd. Grants and Partnerships:

  • Corporate Sponsorship of a meeting/event/congress
  • Partnership or Joint Working Projects with Astellas Pharma Ltd.
  • Requests for research, including Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR)
  • Individual HCP Education

What is the process for review?

The Astellas Pharma Ltd. Grants Review Committee will review all requests.

  • Once we have considered your application and made our decision, we will formally notify you stating whether your request has been approved. We aim to reply to all requests within 8 weeks.
  • If, after ten weeks, you have not received a decision on your request please email: APL_G&[email protected].

Please do not consider any request approved until you receive a written agreement countersigned by Astellas Pharma Ltd.


Electronic application form

Where possible supply direct email address and direct dial telephone number

Provide a detailed description of the purpose of the activity/project. Please provide as much detail as possible to allow adequate assessment. For the NMP options, please indicate how support for such a role will benefit Prostate Cancer services & patients as well as the information you will gather over the grants 12 months to support a future business case for continued funding by the NHS. Please upload any documentation that will support the applications, such as project proposals in the box below

Where applicable include a breakdown of these costs. The requested budget must reflect the proposed activity.


Please provide details of any additional funding (if any) that has also been requested in relation to this project/activity from

If you have applied for any funding for these activities from other organisations, please supply details. If no other applications have been made, please write “nil” under “Organisation below”

Organisation Amount Decision (Yes/No/Pending)
Organisation/Nil Amount1 Decision (Yes/No/Pending)1
Maximum 3 files.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.

Declarations and submission

Support/funding received will be provided and should be used solely for purposes consistent and related to the purposes outlined above and detailed in any accompanying documentation

Payments will only be made to a Patient Organisation, Healthcare Organisation, Academic Centre or similar such entities. Payments will not be made to individuals.

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