Astellas has formulated a Human Resources (HR) Vision, which represents its approach to “Our People, Our Organization,” and this vision is shared globally to define its aspirations for its human resources and its organization. To realize Astellas’ VISION , employees should understand the HR Vision and act based on the Astellas Way. 

As part of its activities to achieve these goals, Astellas is focusing on activities to disseminate the HR Vision. Specifically, this involved translating the HR Vision into various languages, conducting training and meetings for managers, and even reflecting the vision in talent development approach.

Moreover, as shown in the figure below, we have designed and implemented new HR system for the harmonization of many key HR processes that serve to attract, develop, and retain our talent at Astellas.

Astellas will increase the competitiveness of its human resources and organization by spreading and implementing the HR Vision and the Astellas Way. Moreover, Astellas will bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds within the Company to surmount national, regional and organizational barriers, foster mutual respect, and unite our people to continuously achieve innovation.

Overview of the HR Vision

HR vision