HR Vision, Talent and Organization Management

Astellas aims to be an “Employer of Choice”, striving to reach our desired people and organization through optimizing three key areas: attraction, retention and development.
In addition, we newly established “Organizational Health Goals” in Corporate Strategic Plan 2021(CSP 2021). The purpose of these goals is to nurture a corporate culture that aims at reaching ambitious goals by promoting innovation, optimizing our talent, and fostering collaboration, which enhances Astellas’ ability for execution.
Investment in our people is important for the future of Astellas, in addition to enhancing our current ability for execution. We continue to invest with both short-term and long-term perspectives.


Overview of the HR Vision




Astellas Leadership Expectations

A newly defined Astellas Leadership Expectations guide all leaders and people managers to achieve the Organizational Health Goals set out in the CSP2021*¹.  We conduct trainings for all people managers across Astellas, including Top Management, to practice leaders’ behavior in order to create a healthy work environment.

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Harmonization of grade structure and job evaluation

We established a common global grade system for consistent people and organizational management. Positions above a certain grade are subject to job evaluation by globally common methodology and process to aim for consistency in grade based on each position’s responsibility regardless of where they work or which division they belong to.

Harmonization of compensation structures and levels

We completed a common global compensation structure* for Vice President above through Top Management and proceeds gradual reduction of the disparity in compensation levels between regions.
*Compensation structure that consists of base salary, short-term incentive and Stock compensation.

Global employee database

By integrating different employee data platforms in each region, we have established a database that will serve as a foundation of talent management by visualizing all talent data worldwide, regardless of where employees and their managers are located. 

Succession planning

Utilizing a system based on the global employee database, we established a global consistent and integrated approach to talent reviews and succession planning for positions above a certain grade. Our global approach includes succession planning for Vice President levels. Through our approach we discuss and identify top talents, create succession plans to ensure we have a pipeline of talent, and discuss and agree the development of our top talent to retain, and prepare, them for their target roles. 

Internal job posting system

Employees can search and apply for internal positions around the world through our global job posting system. This system enables our employees to work globally according to their skills, abilities and career aspirations. 

Global Mobility

With globally common Global Mobility Policy, we ensure the fairness and consistency for cross-border assignments, which contributes to the realization of “right person in right position” globally.