Established in 2019, the International Markets Commerical Division covers a region that is wonderfully diverse, and full of opportunities and growth potential. It is a region that is home to approximately five billion of the world’s population, stretches across five continents, more than 130 countries, covers 15 time zones and more than 40 languages.

At Astellas International Markets, we cover the area in terms of six Priority Markets – Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Mexico and Saudi Arabia – all of which are ranked in the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical markets, and three main Areas – LATAM (Latin America), MEA (Middle East and Africa) and SESA (South East and South Asia) – that include 28 Opportunity Markets. Our culture is built upon a Passion for Excellence as we strive to be a growth driver by unlocking the potential for Astellas and our people, and creating VALUE for patients.

We firmly believe in putting patients at the centre of everything we do. We achieve this by supporting the development of innovative health solutions that realise better outcomes for patients through a deep understanding of their experiences, medical needs and behavioural drivers of care. At Astellas, we are working to turn innovative science and solutions into value for the patients we serve.

As we continue to push boundaries, our guiding principles remain unchanged. Each and every employee in International Markets is grounded in the Astellas Way values of patient focus, ownership, results, openness and integrity. That is what drives us in what we do daily, to make a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of the patients we serve.


Leon Moore
President, International Markets Commercial