The below executive summaries are for historical initiatives which are now complete. These summaries and the activities that they describe were created and certified as compliant with the codes, regulations and laws that were in force during the period that they were created and active. By accessing these documents, you are acknowledging and accepting any differences that may exist between the standards and practices required today and those that were adhered to at the time when the activities and documents were certified.

Organisation Executive summary
NHS Doncaster CCG & Astellas Download
South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula Clinical Commissioning Group and Astellas Pharma Ltd Download
NHS Milton Keynes Joint Working Executive Summary Download
NHS Coastal West Sussex Joint Working project Download
East Surrey Joint Working Executive Summary Download
NHS Durham Dales Easington and Sedgefield and Astellas Pharma Ltd Download
Leicester Partnership NHS Trust Executive Summary Download

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