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Astellas Pharma Ltd is a member company of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). The ABPI requires all member companies to document and disclose certain Transfers of Value they make, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) or Healthcare Organisations (HCOs).

Astellas Pharma Ltd discloses Transfers of Value to HCPs and HCOs in accordance with its commitment to the ABPI Code of Practice and in accordance with Data Protection regulations.

Our commitment: Astellas Pharma Ltd is fully committed to bringing greater transparency to our industry and to strengthen the public trust in the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and Healthcare Professionals.

2019 Disclosure of Transfers of Value (TOVs)

As part of the pharmaceutical industry’s annual disclosure of transfers of value to HCPs, Other Relevant Decision Makers (ORDMs) and HCOs via the Disclosure UK platform and in order to ensure accuracy of the published data, the ABPI writes to all of the HCPs, ORDMs and HCOs named in companies’ disclosure data ahead of its publication on Disclosure UK at the end of June. (Over 20,000 in June 2019.)

Given the unprecedented pressure on the NHS and health care professionals in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, in April 2020 the ABPI and the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) agreed that it would not be appropriate for industry to write to HCPs, ORDMs or HCOs to request that disclosure data be reviewed. Doing so would add additional work for NHS professionals at this time. To avoid this, and in-line with guidance provided by the ABPI, Astellas’ 2019 transfer of value data has been published on Disclosure UK in aggregate. Astellas will also disclose its disaggregated data on its own website (see link below).

Astellas is committed to preserving the integrity of Disclosure UK and transparency in our interactions with HCPs, ORDMs and HCOs. Astellas will work with the ABPI as it continues to explore how the full disaggregated 2019 data can be submitted to Disclosure UK in line with data from previous years.

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