Astellas is committed to developing treatments for serious, hard-to-treat infections.

Despite stable or falling rates for many infections, every year in the EU infectious diseases cause tens of thousands of deaths, many millions of lost working days, and untold pain and suffering.1

True to our commitment to focus on areas of greatest unmet medical need, the Astellas Anti-Infectives portfolio includes medicines for invasive fungal infections and Clostridium difficile infection (CDI).

CDI is potentially fatal, with symptoms ranging from watery diarrhoea to severe, life-threatening intestinal complications.2 In one in ten patients, CDI causes or contributes to intensive care admission or death, or leads to surgery to remove part of the bowel (colectomy).3 The infection is common. In the EU, more than six patients contract CDI per 10,000 bed days4 and it is estimated to cost the region three billion Euros per year.5

Astellas is committed to developing further treatments for serious, hard-to-treat infections.

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