To ensure procurement activities based on compliance, Astellas has established a basic policy for procurement activities involving suppliers in order to build relationships of mutual trust with suppliers as our business partners. We also undertake measures for sustainable procurement globally to build a sound network for business activities.

The Basic Policy for Procurement Activities

To carry out procurement activities in a fair and transparent manner, it is necessary for purchasing staff to comply with the Basic Policy for Procurement Activities Involving Suppliers as a code for self-regulation.

Astellas Business Partner Code of Conduct

To carry out corporate activities with integrity, it is necessary to promote sustainability activities by involving the entire network, including suppliers, as our important business partners, as well as to act on our own. To this end, Astellas has the Astellas Business Partner Code of Conduct which requires socially responsible operation of our business partners. This document is intended to Astellas' business partners as code of conduct, which is determined from the view point of social expectation regarding ethics, labor, health and safety, the environment, and the related management system.