Astellas Domestic Social Contribution Basic Policy

Astellas is helping to enhance the sustainability of society by fulfilling its social responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company by, for example, providing pharmaceutical products that satisfy unmet medical needs.
We believe that we earn trust from society for both the Company and our products as a result of these activities, and that this trust enhances our sustainability.
This positive cycle will lead to the realization of our mission, ‘’ sustainable enhancement of enterprise value’’ through fulfillment of our raison d'être ‘’contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.’’ For Astellas, fulfilling our social responsibility means realizing our business philosophy.

Priority Areas of Astellas Domestic Social Contribution Activities 

Astellas conducts a variety of activities to support to patients fighting illnesses and to their family members on a global basis. We will prioritize areas of social issues in Japan relevant to our business highly and our strengths are utilized.
As for the detail of our initiatives categorized in these three areas, please click the links below.


1. 1st Priority : Addressing Access to Health issues ~support for patients and their family members~

  • Starlight Partners Activities (Support to Patients Association in Japan)
  • Delivering Medical Information
  • Support to disease awareness activities
  • Support to prostate cancer patients
  • Product donations

2. 2nd Priority : Advancement of Medical Sciences ~support to medical professional~

  • Astellas Academic support activities
  • Astellas Foundation for Research on Metabolic Disorders

3. 3rd Priority : Philanthropy/Community Development ~Participate in volunteer activities to solve local health problems~

  • Group-Wide Volunteer Activities Changing Tomorrow Day
  • Donation support by Flying Star Fund
  • Donate high-standard ambulances
  • Emergency disaster relief
  • CSR activities at each office