Astellas places considerable weight on dialogue with the local community as a means to foster positive relationships with residents living in close proximity to its facilities and to promote a full understanding of its activities.

image of A meeting held with local community residents associations
A meeting held with local community residents associations

The annual meetings with local community residents associations have been held by the Yaizu Plant since 2003. We report and disclose information on our facility's environmental, health, and safety measures at the meetings as well as exchanging opinions with local community residents.

At the annual meeting held in FY 2016, we received questions such as "If a fire breaks out, what is the likelihood of the fire spreading to local residential houses because your buildings are so close?”

We answered that we have introduced a disaster prevention system, and have also introduced regular disaster prevention drills both internally, and also a separate series conducted in collaboration with the local fire department. The local community residents understood and appreciated this explanation.

Looking ahead, steps will be taken to ensure continuous and regular opportunities for the exchange of information. We recognize the importance of these meetings as a forum to report on the status of business sites and to seek opinions from the local community. This interaction is important for promoting CSR activities as well as strengthening the foundation of ongoing business activities in Yaizu. The meetings have been a good opportunity for mutual confidence-building based on the enriched understanding we have with each other.