Our Environmental Action Plan sets out short-term and medium-term targets for our activities. We renew our action plans on a rolling basis, by reviewing progress and conditions during the previous year and incorporating our findings into our action plan for the following year. We are always working to achieve the targets set out in our Environmental Action Plan, which are also reflected in individual action plans drawn up by Japanese and overseas group companies.

Currently, depending on each action plan, the activities of all the production facilities of the Astellas group worldwide, non-production sites in Japan, overseas R&D centers etc. fall within the scope of the Environmental Action Plan. At the same time, the activities of overseas R&D centers, offices, and other bases of operation continue to increase in line with the Group's efforts to further expand and develop its business globally. As a result, steps are being taken to keep track of the performance of overseas facilities and bases that fall outside the scope of the Environmental Action Plan, focusing particularly on energy consumption.

The results of the Environmental Action Plan for fiscal 2016 are below.

Note: To evaluate the Environmental Action Plan, we have used a coefficient of 0.330 kg-CO2/kWh to calculate CO2 from electricity use in Japan in fiscal 2016. Please note that these figures differ from those used in calculations of actual emissions, which are shown in “Climate Change Mitigation Measures.”


Measures to Address Climate Change
Water Resource Productivity
Waste Ganarated per unit of sales


Review of the Environmental Action Plan

Based on the results of fiscal 2016, we confirmed achievement of the following targets. However, we decided not to change our Environmental Action Plan, including the achieved targets.

  • Biodiversity

The targets for water resources productivity and waste generated per unit of sales have essentially been achieved, but because there are various uncertainty factors, including a projected decline in netsales in fiscal 2017. The Environmental Action Plan has not been revised.

Making Progress toward 2050

We plan to review our numerical targets for Climate Change Mitigation Measures in fiscal 2017 as the coefficient used in calculating COemissions from electricity use in Japan is different from the actual situation. We are aware of the international community’s approach to 2050, and we want to set numerical targets as signposts pointing toward it.

step toward 2050