Addressing Access to Health issues
~support to patients and their family members~

Starlight Partners Activities (Support for Patients Association in Japan)

Through the Starlight Partners Activities (support to patients association) which are undertaken in Japan, Astellas provides assistance to patients associations in their efforts to support patients and their families. We engage in four activities to promote the sustainable development of patients associations. In the process, we receive specialist advice from our advisory board, which is essentially a group of professional outside counselors.


Funding for Patients Association Activities Astellas provides patients associations with the funding needed for their activities. Our support targets the promotion of self-reliance and human resource development for leaders and association members. Applications are accepted once a year.
Peer Support Training Program Astellas holds peer support training sessions to encourage people who have experienced similar concerns and problems to become peer supporters, and also to nurture the skills of current peer supporters. Additionally, Astellas hopes to create an environment for building a system through which the organizations are able to exchange ideas and support each other.
Held three times a year nationwide
Instructor Dispatch Astellas dispatches instructors yearly to two patient associations or patient family groups that independently host training and study sessions.
Event Materials

Astellas cooperates with groups (including patients associations) in organizing and managing events. This includes the provision of event materials, such as pens and notebooks.


Origin of the name "Starlight Partners"

Working in partnership with patients, we want the Astellas star to light the way towards greater independence for patients associations.