Astellas recognizes that its employees are the driving force behind its ongoing growth. While deeply valuing its employees and their contributions, the Company is also endeavoring to foster human resources who actively pursue new challenges. In principle, employees are called upon to adopt a self-starter stance. At the same time, Astellas provides its employees with wide ranging opportunities to further their careers and capabilities. In accepting fresh challenges, employees are offered the chance to learn new languages and to undertake other distance learning programs. The Company also provides opportunities directly related to workplace duties and tasks.

HR Vision

In 2015, Astellas formulated a new corporate vision. As set forth in our corporate vision, in order to turn innovative science into value for patients at the forefront of healthcare change, we believe that business strategies must be underpinned by human resources and organizational capabilities. ¬at is why we have drawn up a new Human Resources (HR) Vision. Astellas has de defined its aspirations for its human resources and organizational capabilities, along with the support structure needed for both of these elements, as a globally aligned, common approach.

image of HR Vision


One Astellas with the Astellas Way

Under the HR Vision, we have enshrined our aspirations for human resources and organizations in the phrase “One Astellas with the Astellas Way.” Guided by the shared values laid out in the Astellas Way, we will bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds within the Company to surmount national, regional and organizational barriers, foster mutual respect, enhance our organizational capabilities, and unite our people to continuously achieve innovation.

image of the Astellas Way

HR and Organizational Management

Our HR and organizational management revolve around a virtuous cycle of attracting, retaining and developing personnel to ensure that we remain an employer of choice among our employees.

Providing Opportunities for Growth

The Astellas Group maintains a wide range of training programs and formats run on an individual company and headquarter basis.
As a Group-wide organization that strives to foster employees that show considerable promise, the Company has established the Astellas Business School. This Business School is in broad terms structured into two tiers, the Astellas Growth Program (AGP)*, which encompasses general education and training, and the Astellas Professional Program (APP), which focuses more on specialist skills and areas. In overall terms, the AGP covers personnel in their first five years of employment. Thereafter, the focus shifts toward employees that exhibit considerable promise with training taking on a more specialist nature. Astellas also offers the Job Challenge Program for employees who take the initiative to seek out new opportunities. Divisions seeking to fill a particular need look for personnel from the Company's internal resources. When the requirement of a particular division matches the aspirations of an employee, the appropriate in-house transfer is affected.

* Eligibility extends to employees who have joined the Company after fiscal 2005.