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Global energy usage in fiscal 2016 by the Astellas Group amounted to 3,801 terajoules (TJ), for a decrease of 115 TJ (2.9%) over the previous year.
This breaks down to energy usage in Japan amounting to 3,196 TJ, for a year-on-year increase of 1.5% (47 TJ), and 605 TJ for overseas operations, down 163 TJ (21.2%) year on year.

In Japan, the proportion of total energy usage occupied by electricity is gradually increasing, having risen from 57.9% in fiscal 2005 to 62.1% in fiscal 2016. Use of renewable energy sources includes electricity generation from photovoltaic panels at the Tsukuba Research Center amounting to 169GJ(47 MWh), all of which was used in business operations at each facility. A co-generation system generated 7,976 MWh of electricity, which was not counted toward electricity usage volume, but the pipelined city gas consumed as fuel in the system was counted as energy consumption.

Overseas, our plant at Kilorglin in County Kerry in the Republic of Ireland used 35 TJ of heat produced by a woodchip boiler, and 6 TJ (1,607 MWh) was generated by wind turbine system. The combined power generated by these two forms of renewable energy fell by 2 TJ over the previous year. Overseas plants are engaged in an initiative to purchase electricity designated as being generated from renewable energies such as wind power or hydroelectricity, and of the electricity purchased in fiscal 2016, the Norman Plant purchased 12,237 MWh, the Meppel Plant 12,603 MWh, the Dublin Plant 6,200 MWh and the Kerry Plant 6,815 MWh of electricity generated by renewable energy sources. The percentage of total energy accounted for by electricity increased from 64.9% in fiscal 2005 to 66.5% in fiscal 2016.