Assumptions used to estimate GHG emissions (Scope 3) image of Warranty mark

Category Assumption used to estimate GHG emissions
1 Purchased goods and services Purchase monetary amount (Million yen)
2 Capital goods Facility investment amount (Million yen)
3 Fuel and energy related activities (not included in Scope1 and Scope2) Usage amount of purchased energy sources (GJ)
4 Transportation and distribution (Upstream)    
  Truck transportation of raw materials Fuel consumption (kiloliters)
  Plant → warehouse Fuel consumption (kiloliters)
  Warehouse Energy consumption (MWh)
  Warehouse → wholesalers Fuel consumption (kiloliters)
5 Waste generated in operation Shipment weight x distance (tons-km)
6 Business travel (by airplane) Travel distance (thousand
7 Employee commuting Travel distance (thousand
8 Use of sold products Volumes shipped
(Shipments x HFC content/unit)
9 End-of-life treatment of sold products Weight of package
(paper, glass, plastic)