Patient w/o Effective Medicines

Sphere "Patient w/o Effective Medicines" aims to provide patients access to new drugs where alternate solutions exist but where drug access is limited. The situation which is difficult to obtain the medicine depends on each patient’s situation. Patients may face a variety of realities, for example based on their individual circumstances, such as not seeing a doctor because it is difficult to judge for themselves whether their physical condition is good or bad, or they may know it is good to take medicine but they do not want to do so.

To improve the situation for these patients, Astellas started with changing the medical-care environment for pregnant women, newborns and infants. The general idea is that some degree of discomforts and anxiety cannot be avoided in case of pregnancy, and issues regarding pregnant women had not been taken seriously in the past. For newborns and infants, who cannot communicate their own condition to adults around them, important signs may be overlooked. This is an issue that we hope to address through Rx+®.

For pregnant women, we are considering providing perinatal management solutions based on prenatal checkup information and various monitoring methods. Monitoring the situation when a pregnant woman is both in or out of the home, not just in the hospital, may reduce her anxiety and make it easier to find situations that require intervention. In the event that such a situation is discovered, we aim to establish a system that can lead to prompt treatment. By monitoring newborns and infants while they are both in or out of the home, we hope to quickly detect situations that require intervention. We will also aim to make it easier for newborns and infants under treatment to be observed.

As Astellas is aware of the difficulty of solving problems of people having limited access to medicine, we look forward to working with external partners.

What Astellas Wishes to Receive from External Partners

  • Monitoring techniques for pregnant women, newborns, and infants (small, portable monitoring devices that can be used with or without physical contact)
  • Solutions that can treat and relieve the symptoms peculiar to pregnant women (mainly minor issues)


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