Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment

As a research and development-oriented global pharmaceutical company, we are always working to develop innovative new drugs, especially in areas where...

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Access to Health

Advances continue to be made in technology and medicine that address unmet medical needs. However, there still remain barriers for many people who hav...

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CSR-Based Management

At Astellas, we recognize our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our responsibility for any impacts that our decisions and the business activiti...

Stakeholder Communications

Astellas believes that communication with stakeholders is crucial when considering how it will promote its CSR activities aimed at achieving a sustain...

CSR Activities in Five Fields

Astellas has established five fields of CSR-based management: Business Activities, Employees, Society, Environment, and Compliance. In the area of com...

Access Accelerated

Astellas participates in Access Accelerated. Access Accelerated is a first-of-its-kind, multi-stakeholder collaboration focused on improving Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) care. Involving 22 biopharmaceutical companies, the initiative works with partners such as World Bank Group and the Union for International Cancer Control to help overcome a variety of access barriers to NCD medicines in low-income and lower-middle income countries. Access Accelerated will support multi-stakeholder dialogue and begin on-the-ground work to improve NCD prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


The “Story” section contains contents focused on “hero”: people (patients, employees, scientists, etc.), scientific innovation and social impact that enable Astellas to stand on the forefront of healthcare change, turning innovative science into value for patients. These stories reflect our business philosophy “to contribute to the health of people around the world through the provision of highly effective and trustworthy pharmaceuticals.”

Annual Report

We have published an annual report as an integrated report to enable deeper stakeholder understanding of Astellas’ efforts to continue to create value for sustainable growth.