HR Vision

In 2015, Astellas formulated a new corporate vision. As set forth in our corporate vision, in order to turn innovative science into value for patients at the forefront of healthcare change, we believe that business strategies must be underpinned by human resources and organizational capabilities. That is why we have drawn up a new Human Resources (HR) Vision. Astellas has defined its aspirations for its human resources and organizational capabilities, along with the support structure needed for both of these elements, as a globally aligned, common approach.

Overview of the HR Vision

One Astellas with the Astellas Way

Under the HR Vision, we have enshrined our aspirations for human resources and organizations in the phrase “One Astellas with the Astellas Way.” Guided by the shared values laid out in the Astellas Way, we will bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds within the Company to surmount national, regional and organizational barriers, foster mutual respect, enhance our organizational capabilities, and unite our people to continuously achieve innovation.

The Astellas Way
Five Messages for One Astellas

Patient Focus

Ask yourself if your decisions and actions contribute to improving patient health.


Embrace change and always challenge by taking ownership


Commit to result each time you face a challenge, and consider fresh approaches to achieving them.


Maximize your creativity through diversity and open communication


Act with integrity by always considering the implications of your actions, and then take responsibility for the outcomes.

Our People and Our Organization

With the formulation of the HR Vision, we revised the details of our aspirations for our human resources and organizations and organized these concepts into the specific framework shown on the previous page.

HR and Organizational Management

Our HR and organizational management revolve around a virtuous cycle of attracting, retaining and developing personnel to ensure that we remain an employer of choice among our employees.

Diversity Management

Astellas is working to promote diversity so that diverse people can play a role in our company, irrespective of race, nationality, gender, or age. Respect for the diverse values of our employees will be reflected in various ways in our business activities to encourage creativity in our organization.
We also believe that it will help to attract talented people as employees and enhance our competitiveness.