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In Hong Kong, the first kidney, liver and allogeneic bone marrow transplantations were performed at Queen Mary Hospital  in 1969, 1991 and 1990 respectively.1-3 In 1992, the first heart transplantation was performed  at Grantham Hospital.4


Locally performed renal transplants have one- and five-year cadaveric graft survival rates of 90% and 85% respectively,  which are comparable with international standards.1 The 1-year and 5-year patient survival rates for living  donor liver transplants are over 90% and 80% respectively, which are above the  international standard.2


As the rising success rate of transplants and modern immunosuppression are making transplants more common, the need for more  organs has become critical. The number of cadaveric renal transplants performed in Hong Kong  over the past 5 years was only 41 to 73 per year.1 However, the number of dialysis patients on the  waiting list is over 1,300.1 Although the annual number of liver transplant has risen to over  70 in recent years, the demand has yet to be satisfied. There are currently about 150 patients  on the waiting list.2



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