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“What we are going to change is patients’ future.  To put the smile back on the faces of as many patients as possible as well as their families”


Astellas has been making great changes to patients’ lives through its innovative new drugs, which have dramatically changed medical care standards.


We have been meeting the needs of patients who “want to be cured” and the hopes of medical experts who “want to cure” by delivering new drugs to society and changing medical treatment standards through drug discovery.  We have supported patients in generating the courage necessary to “change tomorrow”.



For patients and their families

This is a phrase that gives patients and family members courage and hope for the purpose of surmounting their difficulties.


When patients recover from an illness after having abandoned hope, thinking it to be incurable, or when patients can reach beyond the point they had previously thought was the limit of their capabilities after having given up trying, a new life completely different from their previous one will come into view and make them able to live a new life.


For all Astellas employees

This is a phrase that expresses our pledge to meet unmet medical needs and develop new medicines that are vital to patients worldwide.


This conveys Astellas’ intention to provide, through the efforts of its employees, a bright future not only for patients but also for the employees themselves.  At the same time, this means that Astellas hopes to share in the bravery, hopes and desires of patients and shape our own future.


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