Astellas' CSR-based Management

At Astellas, we recognize our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for any impacts that our decisions and the business activities have on society and the environment.
We are helping to enhance the sustainability of society by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company: for example, providing pharmaceutical products that satisfy unmet medical needs. As a result, we earn trust from society for both the Company and our products, which enhances our sustainability.
This positive cycle will lead to the realization of our mission, "sustainable enhancement of enterprise value" through fulfillment of our raison d'etre "contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products." In summary, for Astellas, fulfilling our social responsibility means the realization of its business philosophy.

Astellas' Interaction with Society

Two Aspects of CSR for Astellas

CSR for Astellas has two aspects: value creation and value protection.

Value Creation

Through its business activities, Astellas is creating value for society by addressing social issues such as unmet medical needs, and by rewarding stakeholders.
By reinvesting the profit we gain through business activities, we strengthen our capabilities in research and development. In addition, by winning trust from government and business partners in each country, we create new business opportunities. That is to say, value for Astellas is created.

Value Protection

Astellas seeks to reduce its environmental burden and preserve biodiversity, ensures compliance, and takes measures to prevent corruption. In addition to the social value of these activities, they contribute to mitigating reputation risk and elevating Astellas' corporate brand, thereby protecting our enterprise value.

Value Creation & Protection for Society & Astellas

Organizational Structure to Promote CSR

Astellas Pharma Inc. (Astellas) has established the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee and Global Health Group in Healthcare Policy & CSR, and promotes long-term, strategic and global CSR activities by all departments.

CSR Committee

In order to coordinate and promote CSR activities globally, Astellas has established the CSR Committee, which consists of representatives of Japan, Asia-Oceania, Americas, and EMEA*. The CSR Committee discusses policies and plans for important activities in fulfilling the Company’s social responsibilities.

*EMEA: Europe (including NIS countries), the Middle East, and Africa.

Global Health, Healthcare Policy & CSR to Promote Astellas' CSR Initiatives

In addition to the role of the secretariat for CSR Committee, the Global Health, Healthcare Policy & CSR is responsible for coping with the CSR issues across divisions, raising CSR awareness internally and externally, distributing CSR-related information, and communicating with stakeholders.

Organizational Structures

Structure to Promote CSR Activities