We are committed to protecting life and the natural world in all its glory.

Astellas has embraced the sustainable enhancement of enterprise value as its corporate mission. To fulfill this mission, Astellas seeks to be a chosen and trusted enterprise by all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, and the global community. The Astellas Charter of Corporate Conduct contains the following principles on Environment, Health and Safety (EHS): “We shall respect our employees’ human rights, individuality, and differences, promote diversity in the workplace, and provide a safe and rewarding work environment,” and “Recognizing that harmony between the global environment and our business activities is a prerequisite to our corporate existence, we shall take proactive measures to conserve the global environment.” These principles require employees to conduct themselves based on high ethical standards in EHS fields, among other areas. In the fields of the environment and employees (occupational health and safety), Astellas will disclose information on its measures to sustainably enhance enterprise value through EHS.

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Astellas has adopted “Turning innovative science into VALUE for patients” as its VISION. In order to continuously achieve sustainable growth, Astellas will need to sensitively grasp changes in the environment and continuously evolve in step with those changes. We will need to address changes in the environment, such as energy trends and climate change, the effective use of resources, and the prevention of pollution. We will also need to implement appropriate management of occupational health and safety in step with changes in modalities, which we will need to handle in many more different ways due to Astellas’ Focus Area approach. In the EHS field, we will be constantly called upon to address changes. Here, Astellas will advance EHS activities based on high ethical standards, in accordance with the Astellas EHS Policy and Guidelines.

In the previous fiscal year, there was an important development concerning our activities in the environmental field. In measures to address climate change, one of Astellas’ key priorities, our target for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions obtained Science Based Targets (SBT) certification from the SBT Initiative in November 2018. We believe that this target represents our commitment to stakeholders, while setting a clear course for reducing GHG emissions for Astellas’ employees. We will continue to implement measures to reach our goal based on our medium- and long-term scenario.

Moreover, it is absolutely essential for management to ensure the safety of employees as they engage in corporate business activities. In order to remove hazards that could lead to work-related accidents at an early stage, it is crucial to continuously undertake broad-based risk assessments and develop a sharp eye for assessing hazards. We will continuously implement training and risk mitigation activities in order to prevent work-related accidents in all business areas, including research, production and sales.

Modality: Material classifications and methods such as small-molecule compounds, peptides (middle molecules) and other protein medicines; nucleic acid medicines; therapeutic antibodies; and cell medicines
SBT initiative: A group jointly established in 2015 by CDP, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), World Resources Institute (WRI), and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). An international initiative that encourages countries and companies to set GHG reduction target to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement—to limit global warming to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Fumiaki Sakurai

To see in detail how Astellas' commercial activities affect the environment in all the fields in which it operates, including research, manufacturing, sales and distribution of products, visit our corporate global website: https://www.astellas.com/en/sustainability/environment-health-and-safety