Faithful to the 'Changing Tomorrow' philosophy that lies at the core of our business practice, Astellas, for yet another year, supports “The smile of the child” Institution with the aim of fulfilling its 'Bring a Better Christmas' vision.

In this context, the company held a festive event on Saturday, December 16, where Astellas employees along with their children and the children from “The smile of the child” Institution watched the play "Like a Christmas Night" and then had fun together with Christmas songs.

Delicacies, balloons, face painting, reindeers, and Christmas tunes drifted young and old into the festive spirit. The event culminated in the arrival of ... Santa Claus, who, after being photographed with all the children, distributed Christmas presents, gift vouchers to the children of “The smile of the child” Institution and offered real moments of joy and family warmth. The event ended with many wishes and a promise "To change the world and bring the best Christmas to those in need."

The 'Changing Tomorrow - Bring a Better Christmas' initiative is part of Astellas continuous commitment to support programs to save and improve the lives of people in Europe and worldwide - from emergency relief to natural disasters, to activities that support local communities, as well as education and medical research.