We give time to what is worth  A day devoted to the Life Veterans

Astellas Greece, in the context of the "Changing Tomorrow Day", held on Thursday, May 16, the "Volunteer Day 2019" which was dedicated to the elderly people, entitled “We give time to what is worth".

More than 40 employees of the company participated in the Volunteer Day and with a great sense of care visited the Piraeus Nursing Home, spending creative time with the 200 elderly hosted in the institution. They enjoyed altogether Greek coffee with delicious sweets at the "Cafe" of the Nursing Home. A unique cooking course followed with 2 well-known chefs, who encouraged the participants to create vanilla & orange cookies in an atmosphere full of love and joy. Astellas offered the lunch, and as a reminder of the day, the company's employees donated to the Nursing Home 4 paintings created by themselves.

Mr. Harry Nardis, President & CEO Astellas Pharmaceuticals Greece, Cyprus & Malta, highlighted: "Astellas, in connection to the company’s commitment to providing people with a better future, effectively supports the strength of teamwork and cooperation. In this way, the voluntary initiative for all of us in the Astellas family is an integral part of our vision and philosophy. We deeply believe in the power of giving, the teamwork, the cooperation, and the care of the socially vulnerable groups, and for this reason our presence in the Piraeus Nursing Home brought us near the elderly, giving time to what is really worth."