The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer diagnosis and treatment has been significant, leading to delays in screening, diagnosis and treatment. 

We were proud to take part in EFPIA’s #WeWon’tRest campaign again this year, working in partnership with advocacy organisations Fight Bladder Cancer and The European Cancer Patient Coalition. In this campaign video, we discuss how Astellas’ patient-focused approach can enable better outcomes and experience throughout a person’s healthcare journey and how this way of working can drive positive change for cancer patients in the wake of the pandemic.  

Dr Rob Sands, Executive Medical Director, Oncology, for Astellas comments: 

‘There’s a lot we can learn from the pandemic. We’ve seen an amazing amount of collaboration but there’s a call to action; we now need the same amount of commitment and energy to address the needs of the neglected cancer patient community.’

ONC_2021_0170_UK  Date of prep: June 2021


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