Astellas is proud to support the pharmaceutical industry’s WeWontRest campaign, alongside other members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

What is EFPIA’s WeWontRest campaign?

The campaign focuses on the breakthrough of revolutionary medicines and the importance of pharmaceutical innovation in addressing unmet medical needs around the world.

At the heart of the campaign is the idea that “disease never takes a break, so neither do we. We won’t rest until people around the world see a brighter tomorrow.”

It is expected that, within the next five years, a number of cutting edge developments in medicine are set to truly transform the lives of patients. With over 7,000 new medicines in development, it is an exciting time to reaffirm that Astellas and the pharmaceutical industry won't rest until everyone affected by disease can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

What does this mean for Astellas?

As members of EFPIA, we welcomed the opportunity to join the campaign and celebrate the innovation of our own pioneering research in regenerative medicine, and the amazing work of our scientists who are helping to transform today’s innovations in science and technology into tomorrow’s medical advances.

As part of the campaign, a film was developed which included a section highlighting our innovative research and how this keeps us at the forefront of healthcare change to manage diseases around the world.

Leaders within Astellas EMEA have also contributed their support to the campaign through EFPIA’s pledge wall on the campaign website. The wall features many pledges from industry experts across healthcare, all of whom have given their support to inspiring healthier lives worldwide and answering unmet medical needs. Each pledge includes the campaign hashtag, #WeWontRest, for use across social media, and Astellas EMEA has posted their support on their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


Find out more and watch the full film

To find out more about EFPIA’s WeWontRest campaign visit the campaign website. The full EFPIA programme, which contains content from the wider pharmaceutical industry, is available to view here.


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