Claus Zieler

Claus Zieler, President, Astellas Established Markets, has been appointed to the board of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), the main industry body representing biopharmaceutical organisations in Europe.

Claus joins peers from 38 leading pharmaceutical companies, 37 national associations and a growing number of small to medium enterprises that work together to improve integrated, cross-sector collaboration on evolving societal and healthcare challenges, such as a recent joint statement on Patient Access to Medicines for Rare Diseases issued together with the patient organisation Eurordis.

Claus Zieler says, “I am privileged to represent Astellas on the EFPIA Board and to have the opportunity to work alongside our leading pharma peers on innovative new therapies and critical health topics, such as patient access to medicines, so we can improve the lives of people no matter where they live and strive for a healthier Europe.”

Mélanie Yammine, Director EU Government Affairs, adds, “It is vital that Astellas is represented at the Board of EFPIA as ultimately this is where decisions are made about industry’s response to the challenges faced from a growing number of legislative changes currently in development. Claus’s active participation in these discussions will maximise our ability to turn those changes into opportunities for Astellas.”


EFPIA’s mission is to create a collaborative environment that enables members to innovate, discover, develop and deliver new therapies and vaccines for people across Europe, as well as contribute to the European economy.

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Date of prep: June 2022


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