Disease Disadvantage: Facing Bladder Cancer

About the survey

Between June – September 2021, Astellas carried out a quantitative and qualitative research survey, to explore the stigma experienced by bladder cancer patients and their caregivers.

Meet The Expert Panel

An external Expert Panel was convened by Astellas to provide perspectives on the survey results. The Expert Panel included bladder cancer patient advocacy group (PAG) representatives from across Europe. The Expert Panel assisted Astellas in interpreting the results and providing their real-world perspectives on how the results related to everyday life for people living with bladder cancer.



Media Materials

The below suite of media materials are available for download and provide key insights within the therapy area and the Disease Disadvantage: Facing Bladder Cancer survey.

Survey Report

The full report spotlighting survey findings, highlighting the disease disadvantage experienced by people living with bladder cancer

Survey Infographic

A visual representation of key statistics and highlights from the survey findings

Survey Press Release

Full announcement of the report and the key aims 
of bladder cancer research campaign



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