To carry out procurement activities in a fair and transparent manner, it is necessary for purchasing staff to comply with the Basic Policy for Procurement Activities Involving Suppliers as a code for self-regulation. To follow the basic policy, Astellas has an effort to build relationships of mutual trust with suppliers as our business partners.

Basic policy for procurement activities involving suppliers

1. Comply with the law and corporate ethical standards
Observe all laws and regulations, and act in accordance with prescribed social norms in a highly ethical manner.

2. Maintain partnerships
Respect all suppliers as important partners, maintain integrity in all dealings with them, and work to foster cooperative and reliable relations.

3. Make selections based on economic rationality
Select suppliers fairly and impartially, based on economic rationality, and ensure that these business relationships are transparent and appropriate.

4. Practice fairness and impartiality
Do not treat any particular supplier unfairly.

5. Do not accept inappropriate payments
Do not give or receive inappropriate gifts (money, physical objects, entertainment/wining and dining, and other benefits), exploiting a superior position or your purchasing authority. Such gifts are prohibited.

6. Observe strict confidentiality
Strictly observe the confidentially of all information received from suppliers.

7. Promote sustainable procurement
Conduct procurement activities with a sustainability perspective, making sure that all suppliers observe laws and regulations and give consideration to environmental issues.