Supporting the Development of Future Leaders

Offering Global Development Programs

Attract, Develop and Retain is at the heart of Astellas’ people strategy. At Astellas, we create a lot of opportunities for employees to grow and succeed globally. 
To equip our employees with the skills needed in the workplace, we offer digital platforms for employees to self-learn, including programs for managers, aspiring managers and those who perform their duties in a cross-cultural environment. We also provide global development programs targeted to different levels of employees to increase their capabilities and prepare them to be future leaders.

Putting the Right Person in the Right Position at the Right Time

In order to foster a collaborative culture in Astellas, we promote mobility and utilize an internal job posting system globally. Regardless of which location or legal entities our employees join, they can discuss with their managers and develop competencies from our global competency.
In addition to offering employee development programs under HR Vision, we continuously listen to employees’ feedback through regular talent reviews and career conversations to build short-, mid- and long-term career development with a standardized, global approach. 
With this approach, we believe we will have the right person in the right position at the right time in a sustainable and consistent manner.