At Astellas, our culture is rooted in openness and integrity, and we continuously work to be a trusted leader in the ever-changing healthcare environment. As of October 5, 2020, in step with the evolving global landscape, Astellas will no longer provide educational funding directly to individual healthcare professionals (HCPs) to attend congresses and conferences, including virtual attendance. Our consistent approach around the world is critical to our global reputation and the trust we share with healthcare professionals, the patients they serve, and the broader healthcare community.

We recognize the importance of healthcare professionals accessing timely educational information to improve care for patients, and we remain committed to providing ongoing high-quality medical education opportunities that help ensure the appropriate clinical use of our existing medications and new medical innovations, fulfil educational needs/gaps and, ultimately, improve patient care. Moving forward, Astellas will refocus resources on other educational activities we believe better reflect Astellas’ commitment to the global healthcare community and meet the changing needs of healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. 

Astellas’ Continued Commitment to Quality Medical Education
Astellas will continue to share new scientific data and disease information in a variety of formats that support the critical role of HCPs in improving patient care. Astellas supports education through many ongoing medical education activities, where available, including:

  • Grants for Medical Education, also known as Independent Medical Education (IME) 
  • Symposia, webinars, e-learnings and web-based education (disease, treatment or product focused); examples include satellite symposia during a congress, speaker programs and product theatres
  • Preceptorships 
  • Congress summaries
  • Healthcare Organization (HCO) grants for education 
  • Sponsorship of educational conferences 

Astellas is exploring opportunities to increase digital/virtual options for medical education. We continuously seek to identify and understand the educational gaps within disease states of interest to Astellas in order to create and tailor meaningful educational programs that fulfil healthcare providers’ information needs.

Our Commitment to the Healthcare Community
We will continue to assess how we can evolve and enhance our medical education offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare community and ensure healthcare professionals will continue to have access to the latest available data to understand clinical use of our existing medications and new medical innovations through Independent Medical Education (IME), symposia, speaker programs, and other available options. We appreciate the healthcare community’s feedback that helped with the implementation of this change and the opportunities for engagement through the other educational activities we offer now and into the future.