Respect for Human Rights

The Astellas Charter of Corporate Conduct clearly states that all members of the Astellas Group must respect the human rights, character and individuality of all its employees, observe all applicable international rules and local regulations, and also respect all cultures and customs.
This recognition of the important respect for human rights is shared by Group companies worldwide. Based on respect for human rights, we have established the Astellas Group Code of Conduct, which sets out standards including respect for the human rights of employees, elimination of child labor or forced and compulsory labor, equal opportunities for employment, provision of opportunities
for improving job skills, employee health and safety, and the prevention of harassment in the workplace.
To rigorously uphold respect for human rights, we have established a system for swiftly responding to human rights issues that includes the establishment of external and internal helplines, as well as conducting training sessions
for employees. We have been globally confirming the awareness of human rights issues in the workplace and the status of human rights activities at our Group companies by conducting written surveys. In fiscal 2015, there were no urgent human rights issues or other issues of common,
worldwide concern reported in the surveys.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
Creating safe, healthy working environments

Securing employee safety in the workplace is a crucial component of Astellas' management philosophy. Astellas considers a pleasant workplace as essential for its employees, who are key Company stakeholders, and its ability to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.