Human Genetics Research Unit

About Us

The Human Genetics Research Unit was established in 2020 and is based in Tsukuba, Japan. We aim to develop potential causal treatments in the fastest way for patients without treatment options as we leverage gene mutations that cause diseases to select drug targets by focusing on human genetics-based research activities. We explore unknown genetic evidence that may lead to novel pathophysiological hypotheses in collaboration with various partners. By leveraging our experiences and technologies, including the patient cell-derived miniaturized organ models (organioids) and patient stratification methodologies based on the genetic data, we would like to lead human genetics applications in drug discovery.

Please check here for the explanation of human genetics.

Our Approach

We identify drug discovery targets by analyzing potential causal genes, relevant signaling pathways, and screen drug candidates by maximizing analytical outcome. We select drug discovery targets by considering genetic causality and linkage with diseases, their fit with our strategy, and relevance to biology of our interest. In addition, we will improve the pharma R&D process by improving the probability of success of our clinical trials and deprioritizing animal studies that do not reproduce the human disease condition.



Mayumi Yamano, Ph.D.

Unit Head

Mayumi Yamano, Ph.D.

Dr. Yamano had worked as a researcher in the fields of gastroenterology, immunology, and oncology and has contributed to the creation of multiple launched products. She engaged in the drug repurposing of discontinued in-house programs through open innovation. She then moved to a research portfolio planning department where she established research strategies in the areas of muscular diseases and human genetics. She has been in her present position since January 2022.