Respect for Human Rights

Respecting all employees as equals and taking on board individual opinions

Astellas' Charter of Corporate Conduct above all respects the human rights, personalities and individuality of all of its employees. More specifically, it strictly enforces adherence with international rules and local laws in its conduct of global-scale business, stipulates respect for individual culture and custom, and instills a mutual understanding among all of its Group companies of the importance for the respect for human rights. Astellas likewise maintains the Astellas Business Ethics Policy that consists of five ethical principles to be shared among its employees. The policy specifies recognition and tolerance for the views and contributions of each and every employee while stressing the importance of respect for individuality.

Based on these principles, the Company maintains human resources policies that specifies a fair employment and placement process that hires based on qualifications while seeking proper placement of personnel without discrimination based on race, nationality, gender or age. Astellas is also promoting the creation and operation of a human resource management system.

Preserving respect for human rights within the Company's supply chain is equally vital. As such, the Company requests cooperation from suppliers in following its principle of respect for human rights and fair employment practices clearly stated in its CSR Procurement Guiding Principles that specifies establishment of proper conditions for employment based on respect for human rights, prohibition of child labor, and adherence to labor-related laws. Astellas believes that fair and honest procurement conduct shall in turn lead to happiness for all those involved in its business activities and simultaneously improve the sustainability of society at large.

How then the Company fulfills its social responsibility in the field of employee relations is how the Company contributes to the recognition of employee human rights in terms of discrimination, health and safety, working conditions, and education and training. Respect for human rights is a fundamental business issue that requires constant attention in all aspects of activity in which employees are involved.

Relationship with the Labor Union

The Astellas Labor Union comprises employees from both Astellas and a number of Japanese consolidated Group companies*,As of March 31,2019,the number of union members stood at 4,184. The Astellas Laber Union accedes to Japanese Federation of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry Workers' Unions,one of the domestic federation of industrial unions. The Management Council,the Workplace Council and the Health and Safety Committee serve as labor-management negotiation bodies tha provide advice,exchange opinions based on their unique perspectives and share a mutual understanding and recognition of labor and management themes.

*Companies that participate in the Astellas Labor Union include:Astellas Pharma Inc., Astellas Green Supply,Inc., Astellas Pharma Tech Co.,Ltd.