Tokyo: June 7, 2019 - TOA EIYO Ltd. (President: Atsuo Takahashi, Ph.D., “TOA EIYO”) and Astellas Pharma Inc. (TSE: 4503, President and CEO: Kenji Yasukawa, Ph.D., “Astellas”) announced today that Bisono® Tape 2 mg (non-proprietary name: bisoprolol), a transdermal patch containing a β1 blocker has been launched in Japan, The patch is a new strength of Bisono® Tape intended for flexible dose-adjustment in atrial fibrillation treatment.

Bisono® Tape was co-developed by TOA EIYO and Nitto Denko Corporation (TSE: 6988, President and CEO: Hideo Takasaki). Bisono® Tape 4 mg and Bisono® Tape 8 mg were launched in September, 2013 in Japan as the world’s first transdermal medication for essential hypertension (mild to moderate cases) containing 4 mg and 8 mg of bisoprolol, a β1 blocking agent, respectively. 
In January 2019, the Bisono® Tape 4 mg and 8 mg were approved in Japan for the new indication of atrial fibrillation, and the new strength, Bisono® Tape 2 mg received approval for atrial fibrillation as well. Furthermore, the formulations for Bisono® Tape 4 mg and Bisono® Tape 8 mg were improved to increase adhesive strength for better water resistance. 

Through the additional launch of Bisono® Tape 2 mg, TOA EIYO and Astellas expect that Bisono® Tape will further contribute to improvement in medication adherence and in treatment of patients suffering from atrial fibrillation who have difficulties in swallowing oral medication.