TOKYO , September 21, 2021  - Astellas Pharma Inc. (TSE: 4503, President and CEO: Kenji Yasukawa, Ph.D., “Astellas”) today announced that it has begun the pilot sales of an exercise support service, Fit-eNce HomeTM, designed under the supervision of NESTA JAPAN Inc. (President and Representative Director: Reki Higashiyama, "NESTA JAPAN") , to support people in performing science-based exercise programs*1 at home.

Exercise therapy is reported to be beneficial as a treatment for various diseases, including type 2 diabetes. However, it is often difficult for physicians to offer specific guidance on exercise therapies or to be aware of all of the exercises that a patient performs. Meanwhile, it is also difficult for patients to know what exercise programs are appropriate for them and to maintain the motivation to exercise, bringing challenges in starting and continuing exercise. In addition, since the spread of COVID-19 has reduced opportunities for exercise due to various changes in living environments, such as restrictions on going out and the permeation of remote work, maintaining and improving the frequency and quantity of exercise is considered an issue.

Fit-eNce HomeTM is a new exercise support service expected to solve these problems. It is designed to enable patients to continuously implement science-based exercise programs at home under the guidance of physicians. The exercise program provided by this service was developed, under the supervision of NESTA JAPAN, to be as frequent, intensive, and quantitative as the Fit-eNce®*2 exercise program, which was verified in medical and health research to be useful in improving the blood glucose control of type 2 diabetes patients.

Patients who have been referred to the service by a physician submit an application to enroll in it through a dedicated smartphone app and receive physician’s approval for use of the service. Exercise programs consist of aerobic exercise and resistance exercise (repetitive exercises that exert resistance on target muscles). The aerobic exercises are performed using dedicated videos and heart rate meters, while the resistance exercises are performed using training tubes. Through online personal training, patients can receive advice from sports trainers on how to set the intensity and perform specific activities that fit their individual physical strength. Through a smartphone app, patients can share their exercise records with their physicians. Physicians can check the exercise records of  their patients on a dedicated system and use it to monitor their patients’ daily exercise and communicate with them, supporting them in continuing to exercise. Physicians can register with Fit-eNce® Healthcare Professional Website*3.

Fit-eNce®, an exercise support service to continually implement science-based exercise programs in fitness clubs, remains to be offered only in Kanagawa prefecture.

Fit-eNce® and Fit-eNce HomeTM were created with the aim of generating and providing evidence-based healthcare solutions through the integration of medicine and exercise as a part of Astellas’ Rx+® Business*4. Astellas will continue to strive towards the realization of a society where appropriate exercise is practiced and people can live true to themselves, healthy in both mind and body. 


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