Astellas Pharma Inc. (“Astellas”) updates an EHS Website every June to help stakeholders understand our EHS (environmental, Health and safety) concepts and activities. We have disclosed the latest EHS performance on EHS Website.

In fiscal 2020, we made progress, especially in our environmental action plan. The combination of progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the use of electricity derived from renewable energy sources, and external factors such as countermeasures against COVID-19, resulted in exceeding our 2030 target.

Astellas believes that in order to continuously achieve sustainable growth, Astellas will need to sensitively grasp changes in the environment and continuously evolve. Responding to changes in environmental aspects such as energy, climate change, effective use of resources, and pollution prevention, as well as proper management of health and safety aspects at the research and production stages in response to changes in diversified modalities are required.

We will be constantly called upon to address changes. Here, Astellas will advance EHS activities based on high ethical standards.

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