Astellas Pharma Inc. (“Astellas”) has launched an open innovation challenge “Astellas Rx+® Healthcare Innovation Challenge” (‘the Program’), with Agorize SAS (Head Office: Paris, France; Japan Country Manager: Ryota Nakazawa, “Agorize”)1, a company providing a global open innovation platform, aiming to create new Rx+® businesses2 beyond prescription drugs (Rx).

Through the Program, Astellas calls for new business ideas from start-up companies and students to accelerate the development of Rx+® businesses. The themes of the Program are related to the business areas (“Spheres3”) “Sensory function support/replacement” and “Patient w/o effective medicines”, defined in the strategic direction of Rx+® business creation (“Rx+ Story™”). We look forward to receiving many innovative ideas from all over the world.

For more information, please visit the Program website at


(1) Agorize is a company headquartered in France with offices around the world including Japan, and has supported more than 1,000 open innovation activities. For more information, please visit at

(2) Astellas’ Rx+® Business: A business that leverages the expertise and knowledge of Astellas, which have been cultivated through its prescription drug (Rx) business, integrates innovative medical technology with cutting-edge technology in different fields, contributes to patients through Patient Journey (overall medical care, including diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, and prognostic care), and creates new revenue streams separate from Astellas’ core Rx products. For more information, please visit at

(3) Spheres: To make Rx+ Story™ a reality, we have established the following six areas, which we call "Spheres.” We are actively developing new businesses in these Spheres:
 (1) Chronic Disease Progression Prevention; (2) Motor Function Support/Replacement; (3) Digital × Neuroscience; (4) Patient w/o Effective Medicines; (5) Patient Outcome Maximization via Precise Surgery/Diagnosis; and (6) Sensory Function Support/Replacement.

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