Tokyo, December 9, 2011 - Astellas Pharma Inc. (Tokyo: 4503, “Astellas”) today announced that the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC, presented it with a business award for contribution to a greener and more sustainable Ireland. Earlier this year, Astellas Ireland Co., Ltd. (“Astellas Ireland”), one of Astellas’ European manufacturing subsidiaries, started construction of a wind turbine power generation station and a biomass boiler*1 at its Kerry Plant as part of the company’s Environmental Initiatives Program. Astellas Chairman Masafumi Nogimori received the IJCC award at a ceremony held on December 8, 2011.

“As part of our commitment to addressing environmental issues we have been undertaking initiatives to prevent global warming,” said Nogimori. “It’s a tremendous honor to receive such recognition for our efforts to use renewable energy resources and protect the environment at the Kerry Plant, which is one of our main plants in Europe.”

Astellas signed the United Nations Global Compact last month to further reinforce the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical business practices around the world. Astellas places a high priority in its CSR management activities upon measures designed to protect the environment such as preventing global warming, and will continue these efforts on an ongoing basis, as established in the United Nations Global Compact principles for the environment.

Reference 1 - “Astellas’ Environmental Initiatives Program in Ireland – Construction of Wind Turbine Power Generation Station and Wood Chip Boiler System” released on March 7, 2011:

Reference 2 - “Astellas Signs United Nations Global Compact” released on November 11, 2011:

*1 Biomass refers to organic renewable energy resources derived from biological materials. The biomass boiler system at Astellas Ireland primarily uses wood chips for fuel, sourced from sustainable managed forests. The combined use of the wind power station and the boiler system is expected to reduce the carbon dioxide emission from the plant by over 3,000 tons per year.

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