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Medium Term Strategy

Focusing on three strategic priorities for realizing sustainable growth over the medium and long terms

Chart: Overview of Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Under Strategic Plan 2015-2017, covering the three years from fiscal 2015 to fiscal 2017, we will work on three strategic priorities. We target gMaximizing the Product Value,h including XTANDI and our overactive bladder (OAB) franchise, gCreating Innovationh to sustainably create innovative drugs, and gPursuing Operational Excellenceh in order to enhance our ability to address the changing business environment. By steadily implementing these, we are working to overcome the impact of the substance patent expiries for our OAB treatment Vesicare and our anticancer product Tarceva in the period of 2018 to 2020, and aim to achieve sustainable growth.

Financial Guidance

Astellas has recognized return on equity attributable to owners of the parent (ROE) as an important management indicator. Under Strategic Plan 2015-2017, we aim to achieve ROE of 15% or more by seeking to maximize our earnings capabilities while ensuring that we enhance capital efficiency. We also aim to maintain and improve this level after the strategic plan period.

We prioritize the maximization of our earnings capabilities by maximizing the product value as a way of achieving growth in sales, while promoting measures to optimize cost of sales and SG&A expenses. In this way, we seek to maximize operating profit prior to deduction of R&D expenses. We plan to direct sufficient resources to investment in R&D to existing therapeutic areas as well as new opportunities, while also working to improve our operating margin.

Moreover, we are pursuing balance sheet management and actively targeting shareholder returns, to enhance capital efficiency.

Financial guidance regarding the figures during the period of the current strategic plan is as follows.

Financial Guidance in Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Financial Guidance in Strategic Plan 2015-2017 ROE 15% or more Maintain and improve this level after the strategic plan period Consolidated Sales CAGR (%): Mid-single-digit Core Operating Profit: CAGR that exceeds sales CAGR R&D Expenses Higher than 17% against sales Core EPS*1 CAGR that exceeds core operating profit CAGR DOE*2 6% or more

*1 Core earnings per share
*2 Dividend on equity attributable to owners of the parent

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