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Top Management Discussion

Photo: Fumiaki Sakurai

Speaking with the CAO&CECO Pursuing Operational Excellence

Human Resource Development That Leverages Diversity Drives Creating Innovation

Fumiaki Sakurai Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CAO&CECO)

Q: Could you share your perspectives on human resource development aimed at creating innovation?

A: We will create value by deliberately fostering constructive interaction and debate among employees with diverse values.

Creating innovation is a universal theme for all employees, not just the departments involved in drug creation. Since its founding in 2005 through a merger of two leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies, Astellas has always pursued the best approaches and methods available in the world. One key to creating value is to respect the diverse values of various people. The breakthroughs that create opportunities are found in approaches that seem, at first glance, to be highly risky and unique. At times, diversity can give rise to opposing viewpoints. However, innovation is created when these differences are embraced and reconciled through communication.

Based on this belief, Astellas provides opportunities for employees to grow by creatively tackling challenging duties through its personnel assignment process, which is one of the key pillars of human resource development. In human resource development, we provide opportunities for diverse employees from around the world to engage in a healthy rivalry and sharpen their thinking, and training programs where participants and top management can discuss and debate ideas on the same level. By deliberately creating situations where employees with diverse values engage in constructive interaction and debate, we will work to develop talent who can create innovation.

Q: What is the aim of strengthening the compliance structure?

A: The aim is to earn the trust and confidence of stakeholders as Astellasf business expands globally.

Stakeholders have always expected an extremely high standard of ethics from the pharmaceutical industry, which has a direct bearing on peoplefs lives. Moreover, as Astellasf business expands globally, the requirements and rules are becoming more and more complex. In this environment, in order to preserve Astellasf enterprise value while earning the trust of stakeholders, every Astellas employee must take action based on high ethics as a matter of course. In addition, we must also engage in a steady dialogue with our business partners to ensure that they practice the same level of compliance as Astellas. We have unified the Astellas Group Code of Conduct on a global basis. Along with this, the Department of Ethics & Compliance was reconfigured into a global organization independent of the operating divisions. Astellas has appointed individuals to be responsible for compliance at all of its subsidiaries, and is working to further strengthen the organization.

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