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CEO Message Flexibly Incorporate Cutting-Edge Science and Technology, Turning It into Value for Patients Yoshihiko Hatanaka Representative Director, President and CEO

The Environment Surrounding the Pharmaceutical Industry and Astellasf Vision

As Long as We Donft Lose Our Vision, We Can Surmount a Changing Business Environment

As the business environment surrounding Astellas undergoes changes, I believe there are two broad themes that will profoundly impact our businesses. The first theme is productivity in R&D. Drug discovery is becoming increasingly difficult because drug targets have become more complicated and the regulatory standard for new drug approval has become more strict. Under these conditions, R&D productivity has been decreasing, presenting a major issue for the entire pharmaceutical industry. The second theme concerns the problems surrounding access to medicine. Poverty, underdeveloped healthcare systems, and other factors have hindered patient access to medicines. We must find ways of improving access to medicines for the people who need them. Moreover, in the past few years, there has been extremely strong pressure in various countries to reduce the price of pharmaceuticals caused by healthcare financing and patientsf affordability.

Meanwhile, these changes in the environment are major management priorities for pharmaceutical companies. If we could solve the challenges they present, we would be able to deliver significant value to patients. I believe that we must always keep this perspective in mind. If we are able to improve R&D productivity, we could deliver treatment modalities as early as possible to patients who previously did not have any effective treatment options. Improving patient access to medicines is an issue that must be ultimately examined based on the value for patients. In the past, pharmaceutical companies have seen their roles as confined to developing good medicines, obtaining regulatory approval, and launching those products in the marketplace. They have not taken adequate steps to ensure access to medicines by individual patients. However, only after launched drugs reach patients do they show their worth. Going forward, I believe that we must take proactive steps on this front as well.

The environment surrounding Astellas has been changing at a dizzying pace and has become increasingly complex. However, Astellasf vision\turning innovative science on the forefront of healthcare change into value for patients \will guide us forward as we determine our future course of action. As long as we stay focused on our vision, Ifm confident that we will be able to find a way to surmount our challenging environment.

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